Touring Units

We understand that each Caravan Park is unique so our Touring Units are built to meet our customers' requirements.

All Touring Units are fitted with 16amp IP44 sockets as standard. Upgrades to 32amp sockets are available.

Each socket in our Touring Unit is protected by its own RCBO or MCB/RCD. RCBO or MCB/ RCD protection for the 16amp Sockets is available in 6amp, 10amp and 16amp. If you require 32amp Sockets the RCBO or MCB/RCD will be rated at 32amp.

The RCBO or MCB/RCD is visual through the Reset Flap which is on the front of the Touring Unit. This allows the camper or site owner to gain access to the RCBO or MCB/RCD to reset the trip if it goes off. Reset Flaps are also available with locks so only key owners can have access to the RCBO or MCB/RCD.

Options >>>

  • Lighting
  • Lockable Sockets
  • Lockable Reset Flaps
  • TV Outlets
  • Telephone Outlets
  • Internet Outlets
  • Mounting Posts
  • Metering

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